About Us

Sit Stand Step (formerly The TSS Group of Companies) commenced operations in 1999 as Therapod™ Seating Solutions.

Since inception, we have become Australia’s largest manufacturer of specialist ergonomic seating and accessories & lifestyle products.

Consistent research and development programs have resulted in a range of leading-edge seat-foam technologies, as well as a number of products created for the 24/7 intensive-use sector. As these products have progressively evolved into uniquely individual identities in their own right, the TSS Group has become an integrated collection of brand-categories.

In 2018, the TSS Group has undertaken a significant rebranding program ahead of our 20th anniversary.

Understanding the increasing ergonomic awareness of the modern office, and in particular the rise of the Sit-Stand workplace, our name now reflects the balance between sitting and standing correctly.

A Posture Balance.

Our product portfolio includes a broad selection of Australian-made seating and ergonomic accessories that work together to create optimal working environments.

The key to Posture Balance is that we maintain a full manufacturing and design facility in Melbourne.

Our key advantage is that we can personalise your chairs in any way to make them bigger, smaller, stronger and then adapt them to any challenge.


Friday July 12th 2019, Posture Balance commemorated it’s 20th Anniversary with members of Parliament
Lizzie Blandthorn MP, State Member for Pascoe Vale and the Hon Martin Pakula MP, Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade along with past and present staff.